11 on 11 december

wow I can’t believe it is December and this is the last post for our 11 on 11 project this year!  for this month I thought I’d pull together some details and string… Continue reading

11 on 11 november

“But at some point, it started to seem to me that perfect is more mica than diamond.  Small flecks, buried in the anonymous gray, that catch the light, catch your eye, catch your… Continue reading

11 on 11 october

a glimpse into the LaJolla tide pools in sunny SanDiego for this month’s 11 on 11.  I have a feeling I’ll be looking at these images a lot over the next few months to… Continue reading

11 on 11 august – seven months

we are sitting up over here!  yay!  violet’s seven month photo shoot (okay I’ll admit there was more than one) got a little more exciting with that new skill.  that and we happened… Continue reading

11 on 11 july – rich stuff

three of my favorite little girls.  a little patch of wildflowers.  glorious evening light.  and you have the makings of one of my favorite mini, mini sessions from this month. here is 11… Continue reading

11 on 11 – a bit of earth

this winter we watched the ‘Secret Garden’ and the kids have all been dreaming of a planting this spring.  so we were extra excited when we got a call that a community garden plot… Continue reading

under the willows – part deux

11 on 11 – seasons

seasons… april offered us a little bit of everything… snow, rain, storms, wind, a crack of sun now and then, and finally a few things starting to bloom.  it had me thinking about seasons… Continue reading

tummy time

hotel life

this girl… she has us wrapped around her finger and she’s starting to know it.  xx